Gabapentin Dosage

Gabapentin Recreational Use

Gabapentin is the kind of medication prescribed for Epilepsy. Epilepsy is a kind of brain disorder and this medicine is one of the new antiepileptic drugs being launched recently in the medicine world.

This medication with brand names such as Fabatrex, Gabarose, Gralise, Neurontin and Nupentin is a pharmaceutical drug for patients only for neuropathic pain.

To some people exploit and turn their usage of drug such as Gabapentin recreation use. This should not be the case. For they do not comprehend what this may lead them to because this act usually leads one to more serious problems and suffers, rather than remedies them from their illness. People who are taking this drug in tablet, capsules and oral solution start at sub therapeutic doses. Gradually there is a need to increase their daily dose to avoid common effect to this medication. The typical side effects to this drug are dizziness, vertigo and what is described by many who are prescribed to use this drug is what they call as a drunken or drugged feeling.

Gabapentin recreation use mostly to those who become then addicted to this drug should be in the first place aims as to remedy their illness. Otherwise usage of the drug, like deliberately take a mild overdose of this kind of drug just to bring on those sensations is heading to much more and deeper trouble than what they have presently. With this medication they thought that at the beginning it would be all right and they can enjoy the feeling brought by such sensations. This drug should not be taken to more of what should have prescribed by their physician to cure them to their illness. And this drug should not be abused by anyone and took it as a recreational use. Any other drugs with unexpected abuse potential are considered dangerous to anyone’s health. Any abusers who would intentionally take more of this medication just to heighten the feeling of being “in the clouds” or to some to help them more become dizzy for them to be able to sleep for more hours. Any individual should be responsible enough to face the consequences of their actions. And making Gabapentin recreation use is one should take into consideration and not exploit this kind of medicine.

The benefits of new anti epileptic drugs like this medicine includes mode of actions, broad spectrum antiseizure side effects, decrease in the drug interactions and minimal side effects. This drug which is a known GABA analogue is proven to be effective in several neurological disorders and psychiatric conditions. This drug is usually used in the treatment of several epilepsies. Gabapentin aims sometimes for patients to use as to reduce pains brought by diabetic neuropathy. The condition is described as the numbness or tingling sensation secondary to nerve damage to people with known diabetes mellitus. It is also used for the treatment and prevention of hot flashes in women who are receiving breast cancer medication or those who are at their menopausal stage. It is a complex medication that can be used to wide array of condition.

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